Crested Butte, CO

You could go anywhere in the world. Why did we bring you here?

Colorado is beautiful. Home to over 50 peaks above 14,000 feet, the air may be thin but the richness of the landscape is unmatched. White-capped peaks carry their winter snow well into summer when they give way to a myriad of wildflowers. Rugged steel-grey mountains drop into green valleys harboring crystal-clear lakes intersected by mountain streams. The colors continue into fall when the aspen leaves change from green to gold, a time that often provides the best riding high in the alpine terrain. The landscape literally explodes in every direction, imbuing you with the ultimate sensation of freedom. You cannot help but feel alive when you step into Colorado’s backcountry.

The real question then becomes, how could we not want to share the freedom and exhilaration we feel in Colorado?

There are few places where you can sink your teeth into such a vast alpine wilderness while simultaneously enjoying the finer things in life, like delicious restaurants and luxurious lodging.  Crested Butte sits at a perfect intersection of outdoor adventure and fine living. Nested in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, iconic Crested Butte sits at 8,900 feet. Originally founded as a mining town in 1880, Crested Butte has lost none of its charm, but has climbed the ranks as a world-class mountain biking destination. Ride your heart out all day on legendary trails, but come home, relax, and enjoy 5-star dining in the evening.

Join VIDA and Eleven to experience a taste of what this feels like, and why we love our home so much.